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Quick! Dental peeps, are you overdue for a preventive hygiene visit (aka…a cleaning?)

If you’re like most dentists I know, you probably are. So what does that say about us? What about a dentist with really nasty looking teeth? If you aren’t taking care of your teeth at least as well as your patients you’re kind of a hypocrite, right?

You would think that dental people have lower risk factors for dental problems. We’re supposed to know how to brush and floss and I’m sure our patients assume that we’re olympians in dental hygiene. (As an aside, did you know that I won gold in tongue scraping back in 1996? True story.)

The question I would ask of dentists and dental people in general…do you walk the walk? Do you have have a dentist that treats you? Do you go for regular visits? Would you do the treatment that you recommend for your patients?

One other thing. If you don’t have a dentist because you don’t think you’d trust your dental care to anyone but your awesome self it doesn’t make you superior. It makes you a douchebag. Get a dentist and show up. At the very least we ought to remember what it feels like to lean back in a dental chair at least a couple times a year.

By the way, I’m due for hygiene on 7/24/2012 and I was inspired to write this post because I think I broke a tooth.



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  1. Amazingly, I’m pretty up to date on my care. I think I was a month overdue at my last prophy, which was in April. Now, with selling my practice, it will get interesting since I won’t have the “Oh neither of us have anyone in our schedule, wanna clean each other’s teeth” advantage anymore. I’ll have to actually pay for it!