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The “rules” of blogging

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If you want to know the rules of blogging for dentists, you could do a lot worse than reading Dr. Jason Lipscomb’s post.

Probably the most important part of the entire article: “If you know you aren’t going to do anything with it, leave it out of your social media plan.”

“But my social media consultant tells me I have to have a blog!”

Here’s the simplest rule about whether you should have a blog. If you aren’t going to write it (or most of it), then don’t have one. Generic blog articles copied and pasted by your web guy just plain suck. Even if you’ve got great search engine results, if you have lame content on the blog a savvy potential customer is going to be able to tell that it’s canned copy. And you need to assume that everyone that gets to your site is a savvy potential customer.

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  1. Hi Alan,

    Totally agree. I’ve long advocated for original copy, written by the dentist. If you hire it out and get generic canned articles, you are completely wasting your money. Social media is SOCIAL. You can’t send a surrogate to a party and expect the people there to feel like they’ve connected with you somehow.

    Write your own… or don’t do it.