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Dr. Oz is wrong about amalgam fillings

Dr. Oz is wrong about amalgam fillings. He’s super wrong. He couldn’t be more wrong if his name was W. Wrong Wrongington. An episode of Dr. Oz recently aired where several “experts” weighed in on whether your amalgam fillings are poisoning you. That was the question that all the promos for the show asked: “are your mercury fillings poisoning you?” So I tuned in with bated breath to hear his answer.

His answer, of course, was that yes, they are poisoning you. Seriously, you knew that was the answer, right? If he’s said, “nope, they’re actually pretty safe” that would make the most boring television ever. And Dr. Oz is not about boring TV.

A couple of “experts” weighed in that the problem is the mercury vapor that comes off of silver fillings. According to the experts, any time you contact your teeth together, like chewing or heaven forbid grinding your teeth together, you’re emitting toxic gas into your mouth. That, my friends, is pretty scary stuff. But since you can’t see mercury vapor coming off of your teeth, Dr. Oz and another “expert” did a demonstration to measure how much mercury is released when you brush your teeth.

The demonstration consisted of a plastic model mouth with a bunch of silver fillings in the teeth. The model mouth was kept in a clear box that was ventilated. Dave Wentz, the guy doing the demonstration with Dr. Oz, let everyone know that they do the demonstration in a box so they don’t let any of the toxic mercury out. Which is interesting since it’s very likely that many people in the audience have silver fillings. If they’re that worried about the toxicity of silver filling, wouldn’t they screen the audience to not let folks with toxic fillings in the door? But I digress.

So, they do the demonstration. Dr. Oz puts his hands in the gloves in the clear box and scrubs these amalgam fillings like he’s cleaning the grout in the bathroom tiles. And, low and behold, they measure mercury gas coming off the fillings!

So Dr. Oz is scrubbing away at these silver fillings and asks:

“…at what point should I be concerned. At what [mercury vapor] level is it more than we’re supposed to have?”

Anything over zero is toxic. We’re at 61. 61 micrograms.”

Then Dr. Oz comes up with: “Now how can anyone dispute that there’s no mercury coming off of amalgams?”

And his guest expert Dave Wentz replies. “You can’t. You really can’t.”

If you aren’t careful or observant, this seems like a smoking gun. Amalgam fillings are dangerous and they are poisoning you. I ask you to step back.

The first thing that jumps out at me is the language that is used to frame the discussion. I typically refer to amalgam fillings as “silver fillings.” I never have thought of this as the element silver, but the color of the fillings, when polished is silvery. The Dr. Oz show refers to them as “mercury fillings.” Neither of these terms is probably adequate. Amalgam is a generic term for something that is mixed together. When the term is used in metallurgy it means: “an alloy made with Mercury.” So probably the most accurate term for these fillings would be “amalgam” and not “silver” or “mercury” fillings.

Language matters. When I use the term silver filling I’m indicating the color. When Dr. Oz uses the term mercury filling he’s pointing out the scary, toxic ingredient of the filling. That’s used to frame the discussion, so right away someone who isn’t thinking critically is thinking, “whoa, I didn’t know they placed mercury fillings!”

The next thing that jumps out at me is the way that they created and measured the mercury gas. It is assumed that the model that they offer (a plastic typodont with a ton of silver fillings in a plastic box) is an accurate representation of what’s going on in a human being’s mouth when they have silver fillings and they brush their teeth. I’m not sure it’s fair to assume that for the following reasons:

  • There was no moisture in this model mouth. A normal human being has saliva flow, which keeps the entire mouth moist and lubricated. Moisture on a surface could clearly affect the amount of vapor coming off the surface of a tooth.
  • We don’t know when these fillings were placed, if they were placed correctly, or if they were polished. All of those things can make a difference in the amount of vapor that might come off of these fillings. It wasn’t mentioned on Dr. Oz’s show.
  • We’ll also ignore the fact that the quadrant of fillings he scrubbed had anywhere between 4 and 7 surfaces of amalgam. I did my best to figure out how many surfaces the teeth had but they never showed the far side of the typodont. In any case, that’s quite a bit of amalgam…more than the average patient has for sure.
  • The model had no lips, tongue or cheeks and also wasn’t breathing. Wouldn’t a more accurate measure come from actual patients with actual fillings that were actually brushing their teeth?

They have measured the vapor that comes off of teeth in human models, and it is true that there is a measurable amount. In fact, there’s some question about the most accurate way to measure mercury vapor released from a silver filling. Is the vapor in someone’s breath the most important factor, or would absorbed levels of mercury in urine and blood be the most important measure? The Dr. Oz show wasn’t interested in an actual discussion. They went from “hey look, there’s mercury vapor in this model” to “your fillings are poisoning you.” No mention of actual outcomes based research. No mention of the millions and millions of teeth saved by the use of amalgam fillings with virtually no verifiable reports of bad health outcomes due to amalgam fillings. Clearly the most important message was that there is scary, poisonous vapor coming off of your silver fillings. Awesome.

The final thorn in my side was the statement made by the guest who was putting on the tooth brushing demonstration, Dave Wentz. He says, “anything over zero is toxic.”

Alternative medicine advocates aren’t known for their nuance. Poisons are dose dependent. In other words, something that is harmless in small doses can become harmful in larger doses. That is the case for most things that are known to be toxic to humans. So, how do we know if we’re getting a toxic dose of mercury vapor? Well, the World Health Organization describes a “tolerable intake” of elemental mercury vapor to be 2 micrograms/kg of weight per day. So if we take an average male of 150 lbs, they can tolerate a daily intake of around 136 micrograms of mercury per day. So, are our amalgams delivering that much? The short answer is no. Dr. Oz was able to generate an impressive 61 micrograms by scrubbing on some silver fillings in a box. However, actual measured amounts in human beings are more like 1-3 micrograms per day, depending on how many surfaces of amalgam a patient has.

There are reasons to dislike silver fillings. However, there is no credible evidence that they will cause anyone harm. The outcry by many poorly informed people has led to the outright ban of this material in some countries and the sharp reduction of it’s use here in the United States. Amalgam fillings are durable, long lasting and safe. That’s what credible evidence states. Until credible evidence says otherwise, I think Dr. Oz is wrong. Really wrong. Super duper wrong. His name should be W. Wrong Wrongington.

That last part is just my opinion, though. The rest of it is the truth as we know it.






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  1. Alan, you have done an excellent critique of Dr Oz’s demonstration. Amalgam has done more good for our world than harm and the people should realize this.

  2. Oh my, this article does not bode well for dentists. Let’s leave the patient out of the conversation and go over what we know to be fact…

    Despite the ADA’s long insistence that the mercury is contained within the amalgam we now that the one cannot make the product without generating hundreds of micrograms of mercury vapor in excess of occupational safety regulations. (Frykolhm 1957 all the way past Richardson 2003)

    By promoting the safety of dental mercury fillings, this article and others like it are a shining example that the vast majority of dentists have no idea about manufacturer warnings on amalgam (try reading the amalgam material safety data sheet MSDS) or OSHA’s occupational safety regulations concerning exposure to toxic substances such as mercury vapor.

    BTW: amalgam manufacturer Kerr was taken to court by a dentist who said the mercury vapor released from their product poisoned him (Barnes V Kerr). The dentist tried to argue that he taught amalgam was safe in dental school. Kerr argued that they provided the dentist with adequate warnings (MSDS) and that those warnings pertained to mixed dental amalgam as well. Kerr won. At this point you should be opening your required MSDS book to read the warnings from amalgam manufacturers.

    After reading those warnings, I would hope that you’d understand that there are occupational safety regulations you should be following. Why ?

    Because making, placement, polishing and removal of mercury dental fillings generate unavoidable exposures to mercury vapor vastly in excess of safety regulations.

    You do realize the ADA recommends getting your dental office tested for mercury contamination ? Unfortunately most of the exposure is happening in your breathing zone when performing placing, polishing or removal of amalgams.

    At this point dentists are usually incredulous because surely you would have been told about these safety requirements in dental school.

    In addition the removal of amalgam generates enormous amounts of mercury contaminated particulate matter (Nimmo et al, Richardson 2003)

    What we find in the scientific literature shows that dentists have a higher percentage of neurological issues (Duplinski 2012)

    all of this is outlined in the trailer to our feature length film on the subject

    consider this…
    As a business owner, do you think it prudent to ignore occupational safety regulations of which you might be liable for any harm that might come from those exposures ?

    Do you think its ethical to with hold personal protective equipment from staff in light of the occupational safety regulations you are breaking ? Regardless of whether you are aware of them or not.

    • I think Dentists should have to pay the bill for everyone in America to have amalgam SAFELY removed. It is not fair that they put a toxin in our mouth, and then leave us to deal with it. Even if they were not fully aware of the consequences, they should still be responsible, and the ADA.

  3. Why are we even discussing this–what’s to argue? Of course mercury causes illness–its poison–why would we put it in our mouths? Yes, dentist do get sick from using it–they have one of the highest suicide and depression rate. Some day Jesus will tell all you mercury lovers that you were wrong! Shame on you for being greedy dentists!

    • Melanie. Dentists do not have the highest suicide rate or depression rate. Amalgam is far cheaper than other restorative materials and lasts the longest. A dentist who places amalgam actually earns less money.

      Jesus frowns upon the ignorant and judgemental.

      • It’s not ignorant to want to help protect the public from neuro toxic vapors. And judging is wrong yes, but judging in the name of bringing awareness to people is very right! A dentist earning less money on them does not negate the fact that it is wrong to use them in the first place. I think Jesus would want us to have this information, and would not want it withheld, so we can protect the beautiful bodies he has given us.

    • Oh my goodness! Jesus will put the naughty dentists into hell too?
      It is pretty obvious that zero mercury in our bodies is preferable to what the WHO claims is safe. One of my amalgams fell out tonight while flossing and that’s how I found this blog :)

  4. Wow! Dentist defending themselves for poisoning thousands of their clients. I am sure not one of you has Mercury in your teeth. You sound just like tobacco execs. And I am sure you all would defend Fluoride even after all the studies showing it is toxic. Why are Denialist Dentist #1 in professionals for SUICIDE? Because of all the Mercury Vapor they breath in make them crazy.

  5. I can’t believe folks are discussing whether a poison is a poison. How sad! These are supposed to be intelligent and knowledgeable folks? You are either in complete DENIAL OR CHOOSE TO BE!!! How can you possibly conclude that a Poison and Neuro-toxin is “SAFE”. What is the agenda for making people around the US and the World “SICK”?

    After 3 hospitalizations, 8 different medications including oral and intravenous chemotherapy, slurred speech, loss of vision for 1 month
    and dying I discovered my 16 amalgams contained 50% mercury. My DDS’s NEVER told me.


    This was contrary to the American Dental Association’s reccommendation of SAFETY and the MS society of safety. NO ONE CAN TELL ME I WAS NOT “MERCURY POISONED”.

    Linda Brocato
    Consumers for Dental Choice, Washington, D.C.

    • Linda I had the exact some experience!
      I had the same symptoms and problems as you!! Coincidentally, I had silver fillings placed shortly after and my symptoms got better! I guess I got cured by silver fillings….using your same logic.

    • Wow Linda, thanks for sharing your story, I am sure it was a hard journey for you. Congrats on having success that you did.

  6. I’m looking to bring Dr. OZ down, but it is good to see some challenging remarks concerning big time personalities on tv and their expertise. We need to always check the information we receive, no matter what it is.

  7. I intend to go through what you have written here an outline why you are an idiot if your name was Iman Idiot and you lived in Idiot street Idiotville you couldn’t be more of an idiot!!!!! Firstly on letting the audience in even though members of the audience would have had amalgam fillings the mercury that would escape from a persons fillings would be far more likely to damage the owner of the fillings as they would be the first to inhale it thus depositing it directly inside there own body. To be honest when it comes to the name they should be called (toxic shit) as that is truly what they are to the human body and at least people would know where they stand instead of being deceived into thinking they have something that is safe and has been tested for safety.
    On the moisture issue and you dentists deluded beliefs that saliva is magically going to stop mercury arising from a mercury filling show me somewhere on the internet where they say if you have a mercury spill spray water on it and it will be contained !! you wont find this as it does not exist. Idiot!!!!!
    I have looked inside both my parents mouths and a friends mouth and seen nearly every tooth filled with this toxic shit how does someone like that get around brushing there teeth to avoid toxic vapours coming off?
    The model wasn’t breathing well that actually was in your favour as the force and pressure from the physical action of breathing actually draws up mercury vapour so you idiots are lucky the model wasn’t breathing, the reading should have been higher if they replicated the same amount of force.
    Other points that are relevant that Dr Oz did not demonstrate are the fillings coming into contact with something boiling hot like maybe a cup of hot coffee which would also elevate the rate of vapourisation. Also if the fillings came into contact with a form a bleach that some idiot dentist like you may use to attempt to whiten someones teeth (just another money making scam you twits have dreamed up) and finally acid from something acidic like lemon juice or tomatoes the rate of vapourisation was not measured in relationship to this either. You clowns looked at these fillings under an electron microscope and the amalgam when mixed in the quantities that became known as an amalgam filling beaded over to form a convex shape and from that you concluded that the mercury was locked into the filling. That is not science. That is akin to getting your mates over to check out your knew telescope and taking a look at the moon and because a group of idiots in a room all think it looks a bit like cheese drawing that as your final conclusion. Science needs to repeat an experiment over and over and over with the same imput and conditions and get the same results replicated over and over again before it can draw any conclusions. You are a bunch of idiots why don’t you finally admit it because your damaging a lot of innocent peoples health and this has gone on for way to long Stop putting this shit in peoples mouths and if you are a member of the public reading this don’t believe a word these idiots are saying !!!!!

  8. Thank You, Peter , for demonstrating exactly how dumb people can be on this issue.
    Dr Mead wrote a well researched post. Dr. Oz on the other hand has missed the truth so many times, not just on amalgam, he should be sued for endangering people’s lives.

  9. Dr Oz is finally telling the general public the truth the problem is that you f*****g dentists and doctors think you are superior to the rest of the general public and you can do entirely as you please. Lets just hope there is an afterlife so you maggots can burn in hell with all your money you have the morality of pack of paedofiles!!!!

  10. Hmmm, I’m curious about just how toxic amalgam gas, especially during removal, really is. If it was that toxic, wouldn’t dentists and dental assistants who remove them all day long be sick as dogs? Wouldn’t dentists be the first to cry foul for amalgam compromising their own health?

    Also, what is the next best alternative material for a dental restoration? Composite is known to have BPA and other chemicals in it so its probably no less toxic. Composite fillings are also well known to last as little as 2-3 years in some mouths and cause post operative pain in some cases. That leaves porcelain and gold which are both cost prohibitive in many cases. So what’s the next best alternative?

    Oh and Peter, name calling is probably the best way for one to diminish both his personal and argument’s credibility. Stay classy mate!

  11. I will choose honesty, decency, and morality over classy anytime perhaps if all doctors and dentists were required to have a faith in god we might get better health care allowing you clowns to put your own personal lust for wealth ahead of the general publics welfare is only benefitting you lot!!!! the list of lies that you have told the general public is growing by the minute you have the credibility of one of those career criminals whose story keeps changing every five minutes.

  12. Well, since you are so knowledgable on the subject, I asked for a response and suggestion for the next best material to restore teeth with in your opinion, Peter. Instead, more name calling.

    God likes knowledgable responses. Name calling makes baby Jesus cry.

  13. Dentist should be using the appropriate ventilation equipment if they are removing mercury fillings the problem with people is we are atuned to rely solely on sight seeing is believing. If something cant be seen it isnt believed. Well the truth of the matter is mercury is tasteless odourless and invisible so you cant rely on that sense which most people cant even begin to think past that point. Maybe you could start by contacting the toxicologists and get a list of what is poisonous and NOT put these on the list of what to put in peoples mouths, Dentistry should be going down the path of tooth regeneration p11/4 peptide. But if you have to put something in peoples teeth you should be looking at what Sweden is doing with the use of Composites. Essentially metal is not a good thing to use as it conducts electricity and it expands and contracts continually with changes in temperature. I would be looking at glass and maybe you should get in contact with Nasa and see if they can develop something. Dentists are people too I realise you have to pay bills and earn money to live but using mercury fillings has been a really evil stupid thing to do

  14. Heres an idea I will put forward even though it may not work. You could look into the idea of keeping a patients removed teeth which are crushed into a powder form. Then all you need to do is figure out what and how to use this material to rebond it to a living tooth. Has anyone investigated this idea previously the good point about this is you have substance that you know is biologically suitable as it came from the body Just an idea it couldn’t be any more stupid than using poison to fill teeth!!!!

  15. Brilliance by Peter. “Grind up” removed teeth and glue them back in with some sort of bondo. Brilliance.

    Any of you Einsteins against amalgam realize that EVERYTHING is toxic at a certain level? Like Oxygen, at too high a level, can kill you? Did you know that? Mercury also. So as long as it is kept at a level shown low enough not to cause problems, it is considered safe.

    And yes, I am a dentist. Who has amalgam fillings in my mouth.

  16. Ground up teeth placed in a binder as fillings. What could go wrong?

    “…It’s people…Soylent green is made out of people!”

  17. This Peter guy is genuinely misinformed. My most favorite part is when he calls dentists greedy by placing amalgam fillings.

    I am in public health, where I work for dentists who work for pennies on the dollar to provide good for the community. They use amalgam fillings for patients since they cannot afford ANY other type of restoration for decayed teeth. Dentists actually make more money when they use composites, metals, porcelain, etc. There is MORE MERCURY IN ONE SERVING OF TUNA than in 100 amalgam fillings. Also true of most of fish.

    Also you cannot ventilate inside a mouth, which is why we wear masks when working on patients. Dentists in the 70′s and 80′s didn’t wear masks, which is why they inhaled aerosolized mercury, tooth structure and metal. Get your facts straight and stop blaming other people for your inadequacies.

  18. P.S. – Composites don’t expand, they shrink over time, creating micro-gaps for bacteria to get in and re-decay your teeth. Amalgam expands, sealing those gaps so you don’t get that re-decay.

    Average composite lasts 6-7 years

    Average amalgam lasts 16-17 years

  19. Thanks so much for this informative information. I was all set to get all the amalgam fillings out of my mouth July 15th. I was living in fear that the mercury was bad. I have had my fillings since I was a young kid and through my teenage years. I have never had to have one of my amalgam’s replaced. I am now 41 years old. That makes my amalgam fillings 25 to 31 years old. I always thought it would be like removing asbestos and it would be better to leave well enough alone. I am healthy with no medical issues and I brush my teeth 2 to 4 times per day. So with that said I already called my Dentist this afternoon and canceled my July 15th appointment. Thanks so much for writing this Blog Dr. Mead.

  20. I’m glad that you found it helpful. I would never recommend removal of silver fillings in order to remove mercury. That said, make sure you are working with a dentist whose opinion you trust. Amalgams can last 25-31 years, but they wear just like everything else!

    Here are a couple of other blogs that I wrote about silver fillings that outline my philosophy about silver fillings:


    I wish you the best and thanks for commenting here!

  21. So if mercury becomes chemically bound within the amalgam in the same way salt does (where it combines sodium and chloride by exchanging an electron) which of the components of dental amalgam does mercury exchange an electron with?

  22. The masters of Metallurgy have fallen silent maybe you should change the name of the blog to “doctor oz was right” and stop lying to the public

  23. which of the metals silver , tin or copper does mercury exchange an electron with to chemically bind the two metals together?

  24. Just another of the many lies you have told I could list them all but there are way too many !!!! show some morality stop putting this poison in peoples mouths!!!!!

  25. Dr Paynet is a big baby he wont let me comment on his blog too bad Paynet you were partially right but you will not know now!!!!

  26. No, actually I am not accusing them of lying in the slightest. In fact, I concede that it is entirely possible that SOME people do get sick from them. The problem with your argument is…….given the mind-bogglingly huge number of people all over the world with silver fillings, how come they aren’t all sick, too? And why aren’t all dentists who place them sick? How come we don’t all have MS, or Alzheimers, or Parkinsons, or whatever other diseases these fillings supposedly cause? If your “logic” were correct, then pretty much every single dentist (along with all of the hygienists and assistants)who places, or who has placed, a lot of silver fillings should be sick!

    In answer to your questions I looked up how an amalgam filling is placed on you tube im not sure why it was so difficult for you to explain it too me but I got around it anyway.
    Q1 millions of people with amalgam fillings why aren’t they all sick

    A1 this is the toughest question I believe it has to do with the variation in the size of the fillings if you had one standard size of filling you would get standard results I have a theory but I need to research it more before I let this one out of the bag

    Q2 why aren’t dental personel and dentists sick
    A2 dentists are well aware that mercury vapour is highly toxic they wear masks to protect themselves, they use a device called an amalgam carrier to place the amalgam inside the patients mouth which conatains this toxic gas inside this device, once the filling is inside the patients mouth the upward draft from breathing by the patient draws any vapours up thus protecting the dentist and the dental nurse from the toxic vapours

  27. something else I would like to add I said if I brought some mercury to your practice and tipped it in the carpet would that be an issue for you you replied no it wouldn’t not in the slightest not unless I had my nose in it. Well the truth is that is exactly what the patient has he or she has his nose directly in the mercury vapours coming off the filling and if that mercury is not locked within the filling and it is offgassing then that is a problem.

    You are partially right though those big fillings stay intact and that is why you are so defensive of your work. We need to move forward and determine which fillings need to be replaced and why.

  28. Everything Alfred Stock said was correct including his statement
    “Mecury fillings are a terrible Sin against humanity”

  29. Peter,

    I’ve just now seen all of your comments. It seems like you’re responding to questions or comments that aren’t previously posted. I’m finding your conversation with yourself entertaining. By all means, keep it up.

  30. Those questions were from another dentists blog the big baby who asked those questions didn’t like it when I gave him the answers so he kicked me out of his blog. I answered them here just so you dentist could understand why patients get sick from amalgam and dental personel don’t because you lot realy are clueless!!!!

  31. Mercury fillings caused a great deal of pain in the roof of my mouth, as soon as they were removed, the pain went away

  32. I don’t find this topic entertaining in fact I understand how damaging mercury fillings can be to the human body. Its not entertaining its not funny its not even remotely humorous in any way shape or form what amalgam fillings are is possibly the stupidest idea man has ever come up with. I honestly cant think of anything more stupid than putting mercury in peoples mouths.

  33. Peter, after reading your comments I can think of one thing more stupid than mercury in a mouth, the time I wasted reading your unfounded,tinfoil hat wearing drivel. That is all I can say before being unjust to you.

  34. Dentistry is a disgrace everything your profession does is bad for peoples health root canals , mercury fillings , fluoride all rubbish the best thing to do in relation to dentistry is to avoid you

  35. Who would have thought, a dentist defending amalgam fillings. Mercury is one of the worst neuro-toxins at any level!! It is a fact that people with amalgam fillings have much higher levels of mercury than people without them. How on earth can people be defending them still, am I living in the twilight zone?


  36. Wah wah wah, everyone is trying to poison me. Wah, wah, wah.

    Guess what? Don’t use fluoride and don’t use amalgam. I really don’t give a shit.

    Let your teeth rot out of your skull.
    Extractions + implants and crowns = more money for me anyway.

    Now go cry a river.

    These tree hugging holistic freaks are uneducated and inbred. Bartenders and losers for a living yet they think they know more than the professionals in this field.

    Go contine oil pulling you freak, more money for the dentist in the end when your teeth fall out of your face.

  37. Scott, it must be very difficult to go through life being that stupid. But go ahead and keep drinkin’ the kool-aid.. while the rest of us use will continue to use actual science to determine which materials we will use in our offices.

  38. I love the fact that Peter had to find a video on YouTube (that incredible bastion of good science) to find an explanation for how dentists place amalgam fillings, and that from watching a YouTube video, he got his answer on why dentists don’t get sick but patients do. I mean………how stupid can one truly be? That’s why I banned him from my blog – I have little tolerance for sheer stupidity.

  39. Peter- your comments do make me laugh. Dentistry and medicine are built on evidence, not anecdotes. Yes tipping mercury onto my floor would obviously be a hazard, but mercury in amalgam is in a stable form and is barely released. As another user said there is more mercury in a can of tuna.

    Furthermore an amalgam carrier is the simplest piece of equipment ever, it is essentially a tube of plastic that picks up the amalgam so we can easily place it into the cavity. It has no fancy ventilation features or anything to minimise mercury vapour release.

    Yes mercury is a neuro toxin, but we aren’t pumping your body full of dangerously high levels of mercury…it is a minimal amount of mercury in a highly stable form.

    Yes fluoride is toxic, again at very high levels. Not the levels we recommend.

    The same can be said for literally anything. (water, oxygen…you name it!)

    I recommend you read scientific papers and the evidence out there, and then come to your own
    conclusions as opposed to making wild assumptions.

    Yours sincerely, a dentist with amalgam fillings

  40. all you idiot dentists did was dissolve silver into mercury ,propper chemical bonds are not formed and tjen you have lied and lied and lied and lied to hide the fact that you got it wrong ,your a bunch of idiots defending mercury fillings because you buy an amalgam capsule for about sixty cents and charge the customer $150 bushrangers!!!!

  41. the dentists who are still using mercury fillings are just a bunch of greedy ,uneducated , rednecks even your own dental association admits that the mercury in amalgams isn’t inert and vapourizes as well as leaches into saliva, if you want to read some good science look at Boyd Haleys study on the effect mercury inhalation has on track athletes, he really nailed it clever man !!!! unlike you halfwits

  42. a johannesberg university has done testing on glass ionomer fillings which has shown the use of glass ionomer fillings in load bearing teeth is comparabe in durability to mercury fillings ,these fillings have been around since the 1970s so all the people who got poisoned and damaged by mercury fillings did so because it was more financially lucrative for your dentist to use mercury!!!

  43. I have been ,i live with the damage from your fillings every day and if you dont stop using them im going to fuck all you maggots up give you a propper chemistry lesson

  44. Thanks for the article but far from the truth and continues to take away from the real issues. After my doctor discovered a high level of mercury in my system after a blood test he suggested I get any mercury fillings out. He felt this was the cause of my health issues although never wrote this in my medical chart. I no longer have: daily, intense headaches, intense muscle cramping, immune system problems, bleeding and bruises issues, fuzzy eyesight, dizziness, asthma, chronic cough and congestion, kidney, liver and stomach problems and the list could go on for several more pages. I don’t eat much fish, I work from home on a rural, 20 acre setting and thus not exposed to the normal urban pollution. Neither I nor my nearest neighbors use pesticides, etc. There is nothing in my environment that has mercury in it except the dental fillings. Unless you have experienced the issue of mercury poisoning I don’t think you can really comment accurately. Why try having present dental filling replaced with mercury ones, wait 10-20 years or if you are sensitive the next day and see how you feel. For some the symptoms come on gradually and for others they are immediate. Place answer why not get rid of the mercury filling now? What harm would that do? Maybe it is a money issue here more then a human one. Please do complete research before you comment further.

  45. As a kid we used to take the mercury thermometer to class. bread the glass vial and roll the mercury around on the top of the desk. I am now 71 , have several amalgam fillings in my mouth and suffer NO symptoms outlined in several article. None of the articles state how much vapor one would have to ingest over a lifetime before it causes health issues. My wife was recently quoted $5000 to remove her fillings.l She is 69. My question to the Dentist who wants to perform the procedure is this; If she removes her fillings will she live longer than otherwise? Or will she die sooner if she leaves them in her mouth?

  46. they used to put lead in paint ,told the public cigarettes are good for your health, put asbestos in houses,put lead in petrol, put mercury in mercurochrome, used mercury as a preservative in vaccines ,the list could go on and on rolling mercury in your hand is idiotic and your teacher would be sacked for stupidity today,and you missed the point anyway its the vapours that cause the damage

  47. Thank you for your article. It’s was very informative. I am grateful that I was given silver fillings when I was young because my family did not have dental insurance. If the silver fillings were banned in the US than I’m not sure what my teeth would look like now. Now that I am older and can afford to have the fillings removed, but I see no reason why- other than for cosmetics. I am very grateful for dentists and the costefficient options available help me keep all my teeth. Thank you

  48. if they gave out an award for the worlds biggest idiots these halfwit dentists would win it every year
    ha ha ha

  49. Peter, Us greedy maggot idiot dentists would make much more money if we placed composites. Are you under psychiatric care by chance?

    Dentists are the perfect group of people to study the effects of mercury toxicity. We remove it all day long, its 10:00am, I’ve already removed four huge silver fillings. Dentists before me rolled the amalgam and silver around in their bare hands for years, there is zero correlation of any health problems and dentists. If you pull the suicide card, we have a very average suicide rate when compared to similar stress level occupations. Think about it, you compare us to a librarian, grocery clerk and a baker, yes we will have the highest suicide rate, we have a very complex job. Then we have people like you who think they have a remote clue about this subject and throw us under the bus. You do realize that your dentist didn’t cause your cavities right? You did it to yourself. Look in the mirror and take some responsibility here buddy.

  50. Peter you are living proof that stupidity is still alive and well in the good ole USA. You idiot, we make a lot more money on composite fillings than amalgam. So if it were all about the money no one would use amalgam. You clearly don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

  51. Hey Peter! Great to see you here! Keep up the solid work. You are independently driving my traffic numbers off the charts.

  52. Mercury is toxic to any organism, period. The definition of toxic by WHO standards is a failure. Having studied environmental toxicity, and have heard case study analysis of patients who are toxic in general, but who also have had amalgam fillings illustrated that while amalgam may not affect everyone, it does those people who cannot eliminate it effectively.

    Toxicity is cumulative, just like the ill effects of smoking. There are plenty of case studies which clearly have shown a dramatic improvement when mercury was eliminated from the individuals body.

    This article is just as biased as the person it attacks for being biased. It is written by a dentist who has put in amalgam fillings in probably thousands of people and he wishes to defend his choice of practice. I’m not surprised in the least, its pretty standard human behavior.

    Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Dr. Oz can show a model and talk about what it does. You can defend against his experiment. However, I can grab the patients who have had symptoms for years where once the mercury was removed, they improved. It doesn’t get any more factual than that.

  53. “Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Dr. Oz can show a model and talk about what it does. You can defend against his experiment. However, I can grab the patients who have had symptoms for years where once the mercury was removed, they improved. It doesn’t get any more factual than that.”

    Some people (e.g.–smart people) would call that anecdotal. Factual? Not so much.

  54. Im pretty sure that everyone that drinks water will die someday as well. Therefore, by the previous logic, water is toxic and should be outlawed.

    I really hope that you folks that believe that drivel don’t procreate.

  55. this is really an argument that pitts greed against morality problem for you greedy maggots is ive got the silver bullet the fda is going to lose that court case for failing to protect the public on the dangers of mercury fillings and you will have no choice but to stop using them ,its a pity some people cant distinguish right from wrong

  56. So Peter how would you interpret this. I am a dentist. I have not placed an amalgam in 18 years. I still have them in my mouth.

  57. id interpret it like this not everyone has issues with having a ridiculously toxic poison in there mouth, but when there are issues these fillings ruin lives and the risks are unecessary given there are suitable alternatives glass ionomers and composites

  58. heres another joke for you
    Q what do you get if you cross an amalgam dentist with a sheep
    A a really dumb sheep ha ha ha

  59. im really looking forward to the upcoming legal case , the fda and all you amalgam dentists are screwed knowhere to run knowhere to hide i hope the judge gives you the thorough thrashing you deserve for the unecessary pain and suffering you have inflected on innocent people you are a disgrace to humanity!!!

  60. im not happy with the structure of that last joke so im rewriting it

    q if you transplanted an amalgam dentists brain into a sheep what would you have?
    a an extremely stupid sheep
    ha ha ha

  61. Peter you are the worst kind of fear monger. You keep saying dentists are greedy when several people have posted earlier telling you that dentists make more money placing composite fillings.

    A responsible citizen does not jump up on a proverbial soap box and try to scream louder than everyone else like you’re doing. State your case and allow others to state theirs. What you’re doing is merely trying to get attention. Are you even reading others’ responses? What don’t you understand about dentists making less money from amalgams?

    I can tell you one thing for certain. If there is ever a study published that scientifically (not anecdotally) proves that amalgam fillings are indeed harmful, I promise you that all dentists would have no problem discontinuing use of it. The dentists who use amalgam still do so because there is no such evidence from a peer-reviewed study.

    You also mentioned fluoride. Who stands to financially benefit from discontinuation of fluoride use by the public en masse?

    The only point I will lightly concede Peter is that anecdotal evidence does, in my opinion, have a place. As a starting point for research only. It cannot be used to make conclusions.

    Fear mongering is a dangerous pastime. It’s also very irresponsible. If you want to pursue a responsible outlet, why not start your own study and try to get it published in a peer-reviewed journal? You have your hypothesis “Amalgam fillings cause health deficits in people.” That is the starting point. Now go out and prove us wrong.

  62. i could easily state fukishima is purely anecdotal if i never went there saw no video evidence ,took the head in the sand approach that amalgam dentists do where they make no effort to examine the issues then yes anything can be declared anecdotal and if theres money to be made how convenient.
    where are all websites of people complaining that composite fillings ruined there health? there arent any maybe this might tell you something if you make more money placing composite i suggest you place these fillings then. but we both know the economic argument is bigger than what you have stated a dentist can place far more amalgam fillings in a day and so make more money and thats why you wont stop this idiocy .
    as for a peer reviewed study that will never happen as you dentists have got medicine in your pocket ,you lot have been making them a lot of customers people who would otherwise be healthy making visits to the doctor because there mercury fillings are the source of there illness
    you told the public you had used chemistry to lock the mercury into the amalgam,you lied when you said the mercury is chemically bound and when science prooved that mercury vapours came out of the fillings thats where it should have ended but it didnt because your greed got in the way

  63. I totally agree with you. Dr. Oz needs to focus on entertainment and leave dentistry to the real experts. Amalgam has been around long before Oz declared himself all knowing and it will be around long after he is gone. Great article on fillings.

  64. it amazes me how stupid you amalgam dentists are im not sure what they teach you in university but science isnt a part of the course and neither is commonsense

  65. For Peter,


    Low Copper Alloys: AgSn + Hg > AgSn + AgHg + SnHg

    High Copper Alloys: AgSnCu + Hg > AgSnCu + AgHg + CuSn

  66. “The prosecution rests your honour”

    Dr. Laidler’s criticism, Response to: “Smoking Teeth” – the truth gets “smoked out”, reduces to the following propositions. First, he contends that what is actually being seen is water vapor; and second, since mercury is a heavier molecule than the other constituents of air (i.e. oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc) the mercury vapor could not rise, but would fall toward the floor. This analysis is not consistent with the Laws of Physics and Chemistry for the following reasons.

    First, atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS) is a well substantiated scientific analytical technique used to measure a wide range of elements in various materials such as metals, pottery and glass. It is based on the simple fact that some elements in the Periodic Table absorb specific wavelengths of light. This constitutes that materials fingerprint. In the case of mercury vapor the absorbance wavelength is 253.7nm.

    Thus, when a pure material is vaporized by the application of heat, while specific wavelengths are sequentially shone at it, the wavelength absorbed tells one the element making up the sample. In it simplest form, gold miners employ this principle when mining for gold. In the natural state, gold has a very high attraction for mercury; the miner heats his ore sample in a dark container, while shining an ultraviolet light. If a vaporizing shadow is cast, then mercury is present and the sample is likely gold. The amount of light absorbed is proportional to the concentration of the mercury.

    The video “Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas” is simply an application of this Miner’s Test, using an amalgam filling, containing approximately 50% mercury, as the sample. Water vapor will not absorb the wavelength from the Miner’s light; and, it will not cast a shadow. Therefore, for Dr. Laidler to suggest it will is unfounded. In the video, the vaporizing shadow is caused by mercury atoms absorbing the spectrum from the Miner’s light. A light, scientifically designed to identify the presence of mercury, not water. Water vapor cannot be visualized with a 254 mm light.

    Secondly, Dr. Laidler is correct when he states, “When molecules vaporize, the volume they fill depends on the number of molecules and their temperature”. This is called the partial pressure and the partial pressure for mercury in air is 0.00185 mm at 250 C. However, Dr. Laidler fails to report that the vapor pressure of mercury doubles for every 100 C increase in temperature. Employing dubious calculations, Dr. Laidler concludes that because mercury is heavier than the other components of air, if what we saw was actually mercury vapor coming off those teeth, and not just water vapor, it should have been SINKING rather than rising – even at 370 degrees C.” This of course is false, since the mercury in the amalgam is being is heated, causing the mercury molecules to become more active and vaporize. Thus, the mercury vapor rises from the amalgam and spreads into the environment in accordance with Boyles Law of Gases, the Guy-Lussac Law, and Avogadro’s Law and the Law of Entropy. These laws indicate that gas molecules by natural law move away from each other. Therefore, concentrated mercury atoms near the tooth naturally move to a location where less mercury atoms reside. These laws of the behavior of gas have nothing to do with gravity as Dr. Laidler improperly assumes.

    In conclusion, Dr. Laidler reports that “ever since (he) saw the video, (he) felt that there was something wrong with it.” Indeed, he is absolutely correct! It is wrong to place materials containing 50% poisonous elemental mercury into humans, while calling them “silver” fillings. It is wrong to promote such materials as safe, when there is no level of mercury exposure considered to be “safe”.

    Dr. Laidler has tried to “Manufacture Uncertainty” where none actually exists

  67. I am extremely pleased to announce that Amazon has a new book out titled “the worst ideas in the history of mankind” and your mercury fillings are in it. Unfortunately the book doesn’t count down from 100 to the worst idea ever, but if it did I have no doubt your fillings would be on poll position!!!!!
    It would have been good if the publisher had taken the opportunity to visit you lot down at ADA central headquarters because they could have used the opportunity for a photoshoot and caught you in your natural state away from filling teeth blowing up balloons, riding miniature bicycles and playing chasey in big boots around the office. Congratulations on your extreme stupidity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Dr. Oz is right! I know people that got sick and didn’t know why, just symptoms and unexplained auttoimmune diseases. My moms friend had a mercury filling 20 years old and had holes in it. She got tooth removed and all of a sudden miraculously (I think not) she got well and auttoimmue disease gone. Mercury poising obviously! Duh!! Mercury is bad and can’t stay in place forever. Their are way better alternatives and that’s a fact! Anyone who says different is either lieing to themselves, greedy and doesn’t want to speak the truth or just Not having modern wisdom! Get with the times and I too am suffering from an old mercury tooth and gonna get that Crap out ASAP! Be Smart people. Do your research! Don’t just believe information, find out facts for yourself!!!!

  69. In the earlier comments one of the wankers with a DDS after his name got on here and claimed there was no need to worry dental amalgam behaved like salt where you have two poisonous elements in sodium and chloride combine by exchanging an electron to form common table salt which we all know is able to be ingested without any harm to a person. Problem is this is not true the mercury exchanges no electron with any of the other components of dental amalgam it is simply mixed with the other components. You may not have noticed but I have they have removed this comment because it was just another one of their lies that they tried to put out there to fool the public. Lies are what they do best, problem is they keep making them up and they keep getting caught out.

  70. Amalgams last 20 years or more routinely. They are cheaper to place and although a dry field is much to be preferred they can be placed in difficult areas such as the tongue side of a lower molar where it may be impossible to get a dry field. Composite restorations require an absolutely dry field. They are highly technique sensitive and are difficult to get good contacts with.
    Of course this would be insignificant if they were unsafe but if done with modern precapsulated factory materials of advanced dispersed phase compudotion, I believe they are completely safe. To label dentists as greedy for wanting to place a cheaper but longer lasting material does not make sense. In past years amalgam mercury levels were judged by hand but are now factory set for optimum strength and safety.

    Composite fillings stink like garbage when removed because of all the microbial material they absorb due to their porousity. Patients frequently ask “What is that stink?” when I take out a posterior composite. Posterior composites generally last 5-7 years and in pediatric patients often
    Under a year.

    Allergists I have spoken with universally state that they have never seen a case of verifiable allergy to amalgam restorations.

    I will add I served with the 3rd Marine Division for a year as well as at Camp Pendleton and every Marine had mouthful of amalgams and none suffered from the nervous effects claimed by some of the previous posters. I suspect some of these claims are related to psychogenic illnesses in the first place.

    The root canal specialists will tell you posterior composites have been their greatest boon ever.

    Choose plastic tooth cheese if you wish. I have amalgams and my wife and kids.

  71. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this fantastic blog!
    I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to
    my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this website
    with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  72. Whoa. These comments are hysterical. I work in a dental office and yes, we place amalgam fillings. Greedy? Uh, no. Amalgam fillings cost our patients at least $100 less per tooth than a white filling. On your back teeth, a large amalgam filling costs less than $200 whereas a crown on that tooth will run you $1000 or more. I have amalgam fillings in my mouth that have been there for 25 years. They are in great shape and no, I am not suffering from a myriad of wacky medical issues. In fact, I take no medications/herbs of any kind and am pretty darn healthy. If you do not want any amalgam fillings, or for that matter white fillings made from plastics and filled with all sorts of chemicals, might I suggest you brush and floss twice a day and not get a cavity!

  73. You have no science to prove the safety of amalgam fillings because you didn’t do any science , the amalgam fillings leak mercury vapour which can be seen with a miners light, mercury vapour makes the plastics in composite pale into insignificance when it comes to toxicity , and in an increasingly electrified world you have left silver and copper the two most electrically conductive elements in the periodic table in charge of detaining mercury one of the most poisonous elements in the periodic table , thats like leaving a chronic alcoholic and a crack addict in charge of the security of serial killer , not real smart!!!! given that the amount of electricity people are going to be exposed to in the future is only going to increase with the introduction of wi fi , mobile phone towers, mobile phones held up to faces etc etc it is not real smart putting metal that is highly electrically conductive in peoples mouths, but of course you are dentists science isn’t your thing.

  74. Bottom line, I don’t want a ‘safe’ amount of arsenic in me so why would I want a ‘safe’ amount of mercury there? And, in the end we don’t even know positively that it even is a safe amount but have to rely on that it ‘could/might’ be safe. Well, could or might be is not a chance I want to take with my health. I’d rather err on the side of caution, then hope and pray that amalgam fillings are safe. Is it worth it to keep loyal to the use of amalgam fillings just for the benefit of the doubt? As far as I’m concerned, no.

  75. Science shows we are living dramatically longer than we were just 40 years ago. Thanks to advancements like amalgam fillings and root canals. My childhood dentist is now 91 years old and mixed mercury fillings every day. Bare-handed. You fear mongering is a joke. You wouldn’t know real science if it hit you between the eyes.

  76. I have read all the science from some of the best scientific minds to have ever lived Stock,Haley,Vimy,Levy,Lorscheider,Richardson and the evidence against mercury fillings is overwhelming , the scientific evidence I am missing is the work of G V Black the idiot dentist who decided he could render Mercury inert by combining it with silver where is his work oh that’s right it doesn’t exist because he didn’t do any science ,he just took a wild guess and got it completely wrong !!!!

    • Citations or STFU. Dropping names does nothing to bolster your “argument.” If you want to be taken seriously at the grown ups table I’d suggest you communicate in grammatically correct sentences and cite actual literature with a little bit of cogent discussion.

  77. Every three years I spend over $1000 replacing my plastic fillings. The plastic ones are inferior, shrink a little and leave gaps, which cause more problems. My new dentist suggested amalgam fillings, she puts a little bit of mercury in it and has told me it is impossible for it to leach out and will last forever……less money out of my pocket and less into hers. She also has said that they haven’t replaced the plastic as it’s a bit of a goldmine for dentists…… Haven’t done it yet am in research stage, any thoughts for pro Amalgam?

  78. What about the fraudulent dentists that around the world that are placing amalgam fillings leading to iatrogenic disease especially when the fillings fail and require root canal work. I personally have suffered apical periodontal disease from pulpal necrosis from fraudulently placed dental fillings. End Dentistry Now.

  79. You are very wrong and Dr. OZ is correct. You and a lot of dentist only think of teeth and not the entire human body. Mercury is poison. What do you think happens to it when a small piece of it is swallowed an goes into the acid in your stomach. When you grind your teeth and small amount are swallowed. The gas is one thing. It could also be dissolving in your saliva. I don’t want any mercury used on me.

  80. Hi Alan,
    Everyone is aware that mercury is UNSAFE so why “plug” it into our bodies? I grew up with mercury thermometers in the house and remember one of them breaking. Being very young and curious at the time, I was impressed with the texture of that “mercury ball” and liked to squish it under my thumb to see how it separated. There was a huge reaction by the adults and I was immediately brought to the hospital….hmmmm, why such a reaction I wonder? There have been numerous epidemiological studies and reviews by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the World health Organization since 1991 to present and these studies support the toxicity of mercury in dental fillings AND in Dentists themselves. And why in 1840, were society members of the American Society of Dental Surgeons required to sign a mandatory pledge not to use “mercury” containing fillings for fear of causing mercury poisoning in patients? How come, in 2003 the California Superior Court Judge, finalized the language for WARNING about the dangers of mercury in dental fillings that Dentists would be required to post in their offices? The notice reads: PROPOSITION 65 Warning: Dental amalgams, used in many dental fillings, cause exposure to mercury, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. As well, the FDA has NEVER been able to certify dental mercury fillings as safe. It is the Dentist’s responsibility to warn patients of the short and long term possible effects of mercury containing fillings so that clients can make more informed choices for themselves and their families. MERCURY IS NOT MEANT TO BE PLUGGED INTO OUR BODIES.

  81. when its all broken down we have putting mercury in peoples mouths (bad idea) thinking combining mercury with silver rendered the mercury inert (bad science) , keeping the information that amalgams contain mercury from patients ( bad policy) lying to the public and saying amalgam was the only thing suitable for use when there have been suitable alternatives since the 1970s ( bad behaviour) governments sitting aside a bill to ban amalgams for years because they recieve campaigning money from the ada (bad behaviour) so however you look at it dental amalgams are bad of course financially they are good , good for dentists as they are financially lucrative, good for doctors as they make the public sick, and good for the government as they get paid of
    to look the other way

  82. Wow! As a dentist, I have not used amalgam routinely for 15 years. Having said that, there are cases where the patient is told that the only material currently available that will work is amalgam – it’s that or extraction. You have the right as a patient to decide what is put in your mouth. The bigger question for me is – why do you need all this dental work? Whose “fault” is that? I think the objective for most dentists is to keep teeth for a lifetime. We tend to recommend treatment to meet this objective. Teeth are optional by the way – get rid of them if you don’t like how we are trying to keep them there.

    I acknowledge that some people may have “sensitivity” to certain things that others may not. Should everyone be tested before use of any dental material? My own non-scientific research shows that most people are exposed to or expose themselves to many nasty things……some of which cause all this decay of teeth. We all might want to consider walking around with a respirator too.

    I have to say, the whole mercury thermometer correlation thing is pretty stupid. We know mercury is toxic. However, there is a difference when it is combined with other alloys to make amalgam. Amalgam is dying a slow death in the U.S………but not because of any scientific research showing it is killing anyone. While I don’t use it routinely, it would take some cold hard facts to take it out of my tool belt…..especially for older folks or those with rampant decay issues. Decay is almost 100% preventable….this is where we should be focusing our attention on debate.

    Pete……not to be confused with “Peter”

  83. Pssst….^^^^ That guy might have some mommy issues^^^…..

    Wow…..can’t believe this thread is still going on two years later. Nice job Allen!

  84. their are no covalent bonds exchanged between the components of dental amalgam which means no electrons are exchanged between the components allowing mercury to escape ,which means you have lied to the public for about the six hundreth time about this whole issue. with dentists like you amalgam dentists im suprised anyone is stupid enough to use your services

  85. Evaporation happens at any temperature when mercury is liquid. At normal air pressure, mercury is liquid between -38.83 °C and 356.73 °C. There is liquid mercury inside a set amalgam this is what is seen by a gold miners light escaping from the fillings . contrary to Charles Paynets assurances that the public have nothing to fear as mercury can only vapourize when mercury reaches boiling point at 356.73C Mercury is not water it doesnt need to boil to vapourize so be afraid people be very afraid!!!!

  86. I’m glad I came across your blog & was able to actually see a dentist POV on the subject of amalgam fillings vs. all of the blogs and articles written by hollistic housewives. I’m not picking sides & I’ve had my 4 silver fillings for 20 years. I have hypothyroidism, MS, trigeminal neuralgia & mitral valve prolapse-but do I think my little fillings caused these problems? Nope. I also have routine blood tests that check out everything under the sun & never have I ever been told I was being poisoned by Mercury. And even IF I thought it was a possibility I’d opt to have my whole teeth removed vs. just the fillings-because (“OH MY GAHD MERCURY”).

    BTW, SOME PEOPLE commenting on this ever so repeatedly for years-go ask your psychiatrist if your mercury poisoning made you INSANE.

  87. The words of Charles Payet
    Mylo, I honestly have a great deal of difficulty understanding WHY that really stupid video (and yes, I’m being quite blunt about my opinion on it) is given any credence, because there are some MAJOR problems with it that apparently go completely unnoticed, but here’s the biggie:

    The boiling point for mercury (the temperature at which it evaporates and becomes vapor) is 356.73 degrees Celsius!!!! Do you REALLY think that a mere rubber eraser could possibly heat up the mercury in that filling to the point it would evaporate? Do you realize that 356.73 degrees Celsius = 674.11 degrees Fahrenheit!!!!!

    So let’s assume momentarily (in a total suspension of disbelief and reality) that you could generate 674 degrees Fahrenheit temperature just by rubbing an eraser on an amalgam filling. What do you think would happen to the tooth at that temperature? Don’t you think that such a high temperature would transmit through the tooth and into the person’s finger? What do you think would happen to fingers holding an object at 674 degrees Fahrenheit? Ummmmmmmmmmm………HELLOOOOOOOOOO!?!?!!?!?

    C’mon, let’s get a little common sense going here. I’m tempted to delete the link because it is such bull, but for the sake of discussion I will leave it. What is really EMBARRASSING is that a supposedly science-based professional organization puts that junk out as real. :-(

    As for the burden of proof as to it being safe? Well, the ENORMOUS preponderance of scientific literature does prove it, while only fringe elements have been able to “replicate” the findings that amalgams cause illness, but remarkably, they have (at least to my knowledge) EVER been able to prove their findings with a double-blind, calibrated, prospective study (the real gold-standard of scientific research) words of Charles Payet the person putting mercury in your mouth , demonstrating he hasnt got a clue about the properties of mercury Ummmmmmmmmmm………HELLOOOOOOOOOO!?!?!!?!?
    You should delete this post Payet it shows you and you amalgam dentist mates up for what you really are a bunch of IDIOTS!!!!!!

  88. If your not still placing this toxic rubbish why can it still be bought on ebay ??? someone is buying it and if they are still buying it they are still using it !!!!!!

  89. got another joke
    Q why doesnt Margaret Hamburg bother to collect her freqeunt flyer points ?
    A why would Margaret Hamburg catch a plane when she can take her broomstick

  90. If your interested in recycling, our dental clinic just started using a local Oregon based Company, Acme Pure to recycle all of our amalgam waste. Their amalgam separator services saved us $85 on our replacement canister, which is great because we change ours at least three times a year!

  91. Q what do you call an amalgam dentist at the bottom of the harbour?
    A a good start !!!!! ha ha ha
    Q what do you call 200 amalgam dentists at the bottom of the ocean?
    A a big improvement !!!! ha ha ha

  92. The silver and the mercury don’t exchange electrons and form valence bonds during mixing the result is there is liquid mercury within a set amalgam in a patients mouth , this mercury vapourises for the entire time it is in a person’s mouth where it is inhaled into the persons brain and body , science has shown vapours coming off the fillings (smoking tooth video) and a miners light can clearly show the vapours coming off . Many of the people commenting on here as to amalgams safety are likely concealed dentists trying to protect their golden goose they can’t be trusted they lied to the public here are the lies 1 mercury is rendered inert when components are combined lie 2 mercury is squeezed out during placement lie 3 saliva prevents mercury escape lie 4 there isnt much mercury in fillings lie 5 we dont have suitable alternatives lie 6 glass ionomers aren’t as durable lie 7 we don’t make a lot of money out of using amalgam lie 8 there have only been 100 ever reported cases of allergy lie 9 we did double blind scientific testing on the fillings to prove their safety lie

  93. I am pretty old, and have had amalgam fillings put in my mouth for over 60 years. Just recently I had 5 broken amalgam filled teeth replaced with crowns. The subject of Mercury in my system from the old fillings was never brought up. Even though the crowns don’t fit well, and I will eventually have to have at least 2 of them redone, (long story, bad dentist), I fairly quickly, (within about 3 weeks), am feeling really good! I’m not as tired, don’t feel “fogged out”, like I previously did, and just all around feel more energetic and sharp, since I have had the fillings replaced with crowns. Think what you will; to me it’s a wonderful thing, and I attribute the noticeable improvement to the replacement of the old Mercury fillings with the not so toxic, ceramic crowns. There is nothing else that I have done or has happened to me in the way of change, to account for any other explanation. I am just as old, getting older by the minute, but feel better.

  94. Good for you Nicki yes it is absolutely criminal that something so simple has been kept a secret from the public for so long , its really sad that these lowlife greedy maggots put a big house , swimming pool and an expensive car and maximizing profits down as far more important than the average person health and welfare .Mercury fillings idiocy beyond comparison

  95. I am someone who has recently been diagnosed with a toxic amount of mercury in me. I live in Maui, Hi and eat fish in moderation. I have six amalgam fillings in my mouth. The mercury in my body had to come from somewhere. Mercury poison is no fun let me tell you. I think in a hundred years people will be saying how barbaric it was for doctors to actually put this in peoples bodies. There is no safe level of mercury for people. Don’t disillusion yourself.

  96. So Dr Martha Rich is also wrong??? I think Dr Oz & Dr Martha Rich are correct.
    I have amalgam fillings & grind my teeth. I can feel heat & gaseous/ vapour in my mouth where my fillings are.

  97. Finding a dentist who places a lot of silver or amalgam fillings in the US is becoming more difficult. Not because of uninformed poison patient issues. The issues of having a black ugly filling in a beautiful white glass like structure is like wanting a bullet ridden porcelain tea cup when serving guests at a tea party. They do their job of arresting decay of small enough and do not compromise the integrity of your tooth. If they are giant wide fillings and you grind your teeth, you will have pain not due to poison but due to horrific cracking in the glass enamel tooth structure over time. The cracks run to your nerves and cause long term death of your tooth nerve. Should you remove your silver fillings? The answer YES is if the tooth has notable fracture lines with brown stains around the filling, you are having biting pain unexplained, or if your dentist advises with proper documentation. Are amalgam fillings bad? Perhaps to many who waited too long to get their teeth fixed, amalgams could be horrible and painful… But so could any filling. The number one extracted tooth besides wisdom teeth in my practice is a fractured tooth that had a giant silver filling in it for too long without proper protection of the nerve.

    You may want to ask your dentist to place a liner under your silver filling to avoid a tattoo left on your tooth substructure. You may ask to have your silver fillings removed if they are black and loose looking.

    It is obviously the dentist intent to hurt people by waiting to fix these teeth until they are so mushy and smelly. Smelly barber shop dentist offices are a dream! Dentist belong to a secret society called the Angry Dentist Assholes. ADA for short. Or do they give away more free dentistry per clinic then medicine combined in their city per year? Eh? Do they makeover the grateful single moms mouth so she can get a decent job without being in pain for free? Eh?

    The dentists are working to be helpful and aide in your community so the greedy dentist would be the quack in Colorado who makes people pay thousands in blood tests and removal in a Mars like enviro… Yes that is where Dr. Ox might like to visit.

  98. First off, why would we want ANY poison in our mouth no matter the amount? Secondly, everyone is different, what they can tolerate is different,
    And we take in far too much toxicity in our world on many levels aside from out teeth. Western medicine and regular dentists need to start looking at patients as individuals instead of bulk test studies. Mercury was taken out of thermometers for a reason, it is super toxic. People who grind their teeth are at a particular risk, and u have not even touched on this, and yet you all agree that when taking the fillings out the poison aspect is much greater. Once again, patients are individuals with individual needs, allergies, sensativaties, and toxicity intake levels. This fact makes your article laughable. Doctors and dentists need to start thinking for themselves instead of just what they are taught in school, and asking themselves WHY more often. Until then, patients have to be their own advocates.

  99. I stumbled upon this page accidentally. The original post makes me extremely angry, and I could write a book on why this dentist is wrong, and worse, offensive, but I will leave the following thought instead:

    I think most people generally hope themselves to be decent people, and try to do right in their lives. Generally speaking, decent people don’t kick a person in the teeth who is dying of cancer. If I told you the horrors that mercury had caused me from a replaced amalgam filling, and if I was able to convince you this story was true, I think all naysayers and the original poster would simply go quiet, hang there heads, and contemplate their actions. It is a horror you cannot imagine. You essentially feel like you are losing your mind. Your body starts shaking. You get tremors in your hands. Your muscles start spasming. Your fingers and feet go numb. And the fear that you experience you did not know existed. You start googling “multiple sclerosis symptoms”. All this from an the amalgam replacement. You decide to get them all removed. Every. single. symptom. goes. away. And every symptom you’ve ever had. Ever. Every strange pain. The pleurisy. The sore testicles. The back problems. The “ice pick” headaches. The IT band inflammation. Everything. Gone. History.

    Now just imagine for a second that you are wrong, this story is true, and mercury from amalgams is harmful. Maybe not to every last human, but to many of us. By the words you’ve just written, you’ve just kicked us in the teeth. You’ve just twisted the knife that was already in our backs. I promise you that hurts almost as bad as mercury poisoning. Is that who you want to be? Is that what you want to contribute to?

    Please. For the love of all things holy. Stop. putting. neurotoxins. in. people’s. mouths.

    • You never hear of a dentist who gets sick from amalgam despite working with it all day. So strange.

      • I may have done an injustice by posting my experience. It doesn’t always happen like that, and it is somewhat rare that it does. What I posted was my acute like experience and the symptoms came on strong, likely due to oral galvanization between metals used in old amalgams interacting with a different metal composition of newer amalgams. I had my old amalgams for 25 years before this and never suspected a thing. I had no major issues, but several minor ones (that my standard MD had no solutions for). Only after removing my amalgams was it obvious to me that these were causing my all my minor issues. Also, general health-wise, I had no idea how good it was possible to feel – my sense of normal was completely askew.

        My point is this: Mercury in chronic inhalation conditions is usually subtle. The first symptoms are often anxiety or depression, irritability, shyness, insomnia, etc (see Erethism). Anybody on Xanax these days? SSRI’s? Benzo’s? Hmm…

        I could say here that all these problems in all cases are caused by amalgams, but the truth is, I don’t know that, nor can I prove it. But I know that some are, and I suspect that number is higher than would be medically acceptable for any other implant. There is simply no reason we should be putting the world’s most dangerous non-radioactive neurotoxin in mouths.

        • “But I know that some are…”

          No. You don’t. What you have is a bunch of anecdotes and a strong belief in something for which there is no evidence.

          • No evidence? _I_ got mercury poisoning from a dentist just like YOU and lost 6 months of my life recovering. What exactly is my horse in this race anyway? It isn’t like I knew a thing about this before it happened or even cared. I’m in IT – about the furthest from the medical profession. You tend to get your beliefs in a hurry when it happens to you.

            Keep telling yourself that it must be a lie. I can imagine you have an extremely strong reason to deny this. After all, this would mean some your patients are going to get sick from what you did to them. Honestly, that would be a hard thing to have to confess to I suspect, so denial is probably easier.

            Honestly, the whole thing makes no sense. Other than the “trust” factor in the FDA/ADA, etc. (and why on earth we should trust these entities or any government entity outright without validation is beyond me). We KNOW what mercury does. We KNOW it vaporizes from amalgams. We KNOW it bioaccumulates in the body. We KNOW that this will result in more mercury in brain and other organs. We KNOW that mercury in contact with neurons schrivels them up in 30 minutes. No scientist disputes these things. And we still think it a good idea to put this in somebody’s mouth? Pure insanity.