why Google loves blogs

Google loves blogs. There’s no two ways about it.

Actually, Google loves websites that change a lot. And since blogs are websites that add new posts all the time…they change a lot. Therefore, Google loves blogs.

I’m a wet fingered dentist. I don’t pretend to know how Google selects what’s important. I can barely spell algorithm (?), much less understand how a search engine really works. I’m actually pretty skeptical of anyone who thinks they’ve got Google figured out. (can anyone say Demandforce?)

It turns out that the more you update your site, the more often Google has a chance to “crawl” the new material. My office website/blog routinely ranks pretty high in Google organic results. I have no special training in search engine optimization, although I do use a WordPress plug in called All in One SEO┬ápack. But my (relatively) consistent posting over a few years has gotten me on the first page of Google listings in my area for quite a few search terms. I haven’t paid a consultant and I don’t have recurring costs to do it. What I do have to do is write blog posts.

Most dental websites are considered “static.” They may have great information and may be beautiful, but they don’t change much over time. Google can tell when a site isn’t changed often. These sites often suffer in organic search rankings because of their very “static-ness.”. A static dental site of the cookie cutter variety (my pet peeve…I’ll save the details for another post) has to resort to other tactics for Google ranking.

So, one good way to keep a good organic Google ranking or improve one that’s not so good is to have a blog. Blogs are a lot of work, but they’re totally worth it.

So what do you think? Could a blog help your website? Do you think I’m full of it? I’d love to hear your comments or feel free to email me at alan@thebloggingdentist.com.