Triumph by comparison

I don’t have to outrun the bear. I only have to outrun you.

I’ve given a few presentations over the last several months. I have to say that my experience of them hasn’t been as good as the reviews that I got. That could be function of people being kind in their reviews or it could be a factor of my being hypercritical of my (and every) presentation.

Here’s my admission: I procrastinate a lot and I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been. There, I said it.

The good news is that since most dental presentations suck really bad, mine went O.K. I need to get my presentations done earlier, weed out the stuff that doesn’t work more aggressively and spend more time rehearsing. I’m lucky because I’m pretty comfortable with the presenting part, I just need to make my presentations tighter.

I’ve got a couple presentations coming up and I’m going to really discipline myself. We’ll see how it works.